Small Town Rumors

Author: Carolyn Brown

Pages: 288
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SMALL TOWN RUMORS by Carolyn Brown is a contemporary romance perfect for a summer read in the shade of a big old tree with a glass of lemonade or sweet tea. It is a sweet romance with wonderful characters and a small town setting. This was my first book from this author, but it will definitely not be my last.

Jennie Sue Baker has returned to Bloom, Texas. The minute she steps off the bus, the local café is buzzing with rumors about her return. Jennie Sue was raised to be a society belle and trophy wife, like her mother, but her marriage falls apart. Her mother goes into damage control and wants to get Jennie Sue back on track for another husband, but Jennie Sue has changed and has other plans for her life.

Jennie Sue wants to build her own life with her business degree and never again rely on a man to support her. Her mother does not understand her and her father is not willing to interfere. As Jennie Sue accepts two jobs house cleaning which includes an above garage apartment her mother is scandalized and the rumor mill is working overtime.

Rick Lawson has returned to Bloom after medical discharge from the army. He is working to keep his family’s farm running with the help of his sister, Cricket who waitresses at the local café. Rick does not believe in gossip, but he is interested to learn of Jennie Sue’s return. He sees Jennie Sue for who she is and not her past status, but he also does not believe she could ever be interested in a scarred veteran with simple dreams.

The romance between Jennie Sue and Rick builds slowly throughout the book. Kisses and hand-holding build at a realistic pace to all other eventual sex scenes happening behind closed doors. The elder sisters that help Jennie Sue are very adorable and funny. Cricket is as big a gossip as the old ladies, but is never really malicious. I loved all of the characters in this book and especially Jennie Sue’s spirit and determination. The small town of Bloom is depicted as a typical small town and I hope there are real towns just like it.

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