Title: Magic Bleeds – Awake

Author: Gordon Andrews

Pages: 21
Description: 1st read – July 2013
2nd read – June 2015
3rd read – June 2016
4th read – January 2018
5th Read – July 2018

Aww Curran, Curran, Curran! I will never get enough of him *swoony sigh* Such a brilliant little short. Timeline wise this fits in right at the end of Magic Bleeds when Curran wakes up and finds out exactly what has been happening to Kate while he was out for the count. I absolutely LOVED seeing him rip the council members a new one, he certainly put them in their place and it was a well deserved put down.

It was also great to see him make a stand against Mahon, those two have a father/son bond but Mahon can be such an arsehole and he definitely let Curran down at the end of Magic Bleeds so they needed to work things through.
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